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Welcome to PDF Guru! In just under five minutes, you'll be on your way to seamlessly integrating PDFs into your Shopify store. Let's dive in.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Find PDF Guru in the Shopify App Store: Navigate to the PDF Guru listing in the Shopify App Store. Look for the 'Install' button located at the upper left side of the page.

  2. Install the App: Click on 'Install' and follow the prompts. You'll need to agree to our app policies as part of this process.

  3. Complete Installation: Finish the installation process, and PDF Guru will be ready to use in your Shopify store.

Activate the App in your theme editor:

Once the App is installed it should be active. However it's worth a look at this point to make sure you know where and how to turn it on or off.

  1. Go to your theme editor: A direct link to the theme editor is provided in the settings sections.

  2. Click on the "App Embedded" symbol on the very left menu.

  3. Make sure the toggle next to PDF Guru is turned on.

  4. Important!! Do not forget to Save your changes. Click on the "Save" button in the top right corner of the page.