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Getting Started

App outline and usage:

Here you will a quick overview of the app and its features. To dive into the indifidual features follow the links to the detailed descriptions.

Upload a PDF

The first step is to upload a PDF file to the app. This process is straightforward and user-friendly.

How to do it:

Display PDFs in Storefront

After uploading your PDF(s), the next step is to showcase them on your storefront. PDF Guru offers two primary methods for this:

Linking the PDF to a Product or Variant

For those looking to manage a large catalog of PDFs, this method is highly efficient and scalable.

  • Advantages: Perfect for tracking and displaying numerous PDFs across different products or variants. This method supports bulk operations, making it easier to manage extensive product lines.
  • Bulk Management: You can link PDFs to products or variants en masse using a spreadsheet, streamlining the process for large inventories.
  • Additional one time step needed! Since we have only made connections between PDFs and variants we have not yet told the store where to display them. We will do this in the next step.

How to do it:


Only when a product is linked to a PDF will it be displayed in the apps Products page.

Pasting the PDF ID

This method is quick and straightforward, ideal for a limited number of PDFs or specific scenarios where direct linking is not feasible.

  • When to Use: Recommended when you have only a few PDFs or need to place a PDF in a location that doesn't support direct product or variant linking. The PDF ID will be recognized in any text and our script will replace it with the PDF.
  • Limitations: Without linking to products or variants, tracking between PDFs and your inventory is manual. Avoid this method if you intend to associate multiple PDFs with various products or variants.
  • Nothing else needed! Since we pasting the ID of that PDF in the specific place we like, we do not need to specify a particular location like we have to when we link the PDF to a product or variant.

How to do it:

Place linked PDF(S)

Since we have now made the association between PDFs and Products and Variants we need to tell the store where to display them on the site. This can now be done inside the theme editor by selecting a section.

There is also a legacy method by using css sectors or pasting code into the theme editor to place the PDFs. This method is no longer recommended unless you know exactly what you are doing or need more control over the PDF placement.

Account and Subscription

The app and all its features are free for one PDF. If you need to upload more PDFs you can choose between 3 tiers.